Webcam x rated dating sites - Cam2cam on iphone

by  |  24-Oct-2016 19:14

Senstic offers a free version of its app, Pocket Cam Lite.

However, the free version broadcasts only monochrome video and there is no audio.

Epoc Cam is similar to Kinoni’s paid app but does not offer HD streaming, is ad-supported and includes a watermark on streamed video.

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Special offer for students and teachers allows educational users to get full version and extra 200M cloud space.

You've reached the storage limit and this may cause losing document.

Your computer and i Phone must be on the same wireless network.

Once you pair your desktop app to your i Phone via Wi-Fi, you can move around with your i Phone recording video. SHAPE Gmb H’s Web Camera and Senstic’s Pocket Cam also work in tandem with free desktop companion programs for PCs and Macs to broadcast live video using a Wi-Fi connection.

At the date of writing this, this app was the best quality, easiest to use for the price it askes.

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