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Let’s start by bending you over and we can play a game of “Just the Tip”, because after that you will want the whole dick!Well that is one way to stay awake but it is pretty sure he can recommend more interesting ways of spending an evening...

Trevor pitched in behind the scenes as well becoming an associate producer on the project.

He has no problem with the video coming out just days before Christmas.

There is nothing more satisfactory than getting fucked by a hunk.

Watch us live and if you are feeling a bit kinky, let’s go for a private.

See Mo Rocca’s wonderful appreciation of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ Steve Grand reflects on 2016: ‘ I promised myself that I wasn’t going to let my demons take a hold of me for another year’ Celeb Instagram: New Year’s Edition w/Margaret Cho! ” I said sure and met him in Palm Springs the next day at (director) John Lavin’s house,’ Trevor says.

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