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by  |  25-Jun-2015 14:02

I have a stupid little go-kart I got from Walmart two years agoe. Does anyone know if I can make it faster or anything since it goes really slow?

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ok i race these kinds of karts so the answer you want aint any one thing everything they all say is almost true yes the moter is way to small its mint for children if you do leave it yes definatly take the governer out it stops the moter from winding out you probly dont have a belt driven clutch its probly a centripical get rid of it there junk buy a belt driven loss the govener and if that aint fast enough for you write me and ill tell ya what bigger motters work the best for you oh and never cut your rollbars off there for safty and if your wanteing to go faster you wanna stay in the kart oh yeah paint it red too everyone knows red is the fastest color good kartin -- keith ([email protected]), March 16, 2003.

Man, I have naver seen such a pile of crappy ideas in my entire life.

-- Korey ([email protected]), December 19, 2002. There are many ways to do this, I think more teeth on the front sprocket and less in the back will give you more torque and speed.. I got a 5 BS going about 40mph by doing this..although it was awile back...

But if somebody that does think they have a better, Cheap, way of doing this tell me..

it all works out..go faster and no body can see who your are...

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