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Then a man from Jamie’s past, Brigg, surfaces and attacks Brandon.

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As he later said with a casual shrug, “I took care of it, that’s all.

Shit, how many times have I told you guys that a good stiff dick up the ass solves most problems?

” “We’ve been up at the Grady House all day hearing all about other guys patching up their quarrels and fucking each other but …

let’s see here.” He reached down under the sheet and felt Jamie’s cock – stiff as a pole. ” He jumped up off the bed and paced round it, gazing down at his naked surfer, and laughed, “Look at that tent pole under the sheet.

” Mark now held his naked boy close and said, “When I first saw you, Jamie, my only thought was of arresting you and throwing you in jail. At Bob’s persuasion, Randy agreed to hire you two guys as menial laborers on the tribe’s new house he was building at the time.” Mark propped himself on his elbow and ran his hand over Jamie’s handsome face and muscular surfer’s body.

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