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This woman is helping my husband with computer work, at which she is excellent. She is 34 years old and acts like a child, complete with a little-girl voice and crying jags. My husband says she was abused as a child and has been mistreated by the various men in her life.

He is counseling her and I’m positive that there is nothing sexual in their relationship.

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But I’m now the bad guy because I don’t want this woman sleeping in our house; therefore, my husband says, it’s my fault if she is unsafe at night.

I have a very demanding job that supports both of us, and I need my privacy.

Washington is the magazine’s 57th Playmate of the Year.

Dear Prudence, I live in a beach town where many homeless people congregate.

Playboy revealed its 2016 Playmate of the Year on Wednesday, May 11, bestowing the honor upon model Eugena Washington.

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