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Concerns vary, depending upon whether the individual has the complete or partial form of the condition, if the individual was raised as boy or girl, at what age the syndrome was diagnosed, how much secrecy there was about the diagnosis, and the degree of open communication between the person, parents, and physicians.Management of the condition also is related to how much freedom the individual had in expressing feelings and behaviors.

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This inability occurs despite the presence of testes and typical testosterone production, transport, and metabolism [8].

Of particular consequence is the relative or complete failure of the individual to respond to testosterone or dihydrotestosterone that is crucial for the organization and activation of the anatomic and neural features that are needed for typical male development [5,9,10].

We start with a brief introduction to the medical nature of each of these syndromes before proceeding to psychologic and social considerations.

A result of potentially hundreds of genetic mutations to the androgen receptor gene [7], the AIS is manifest by a notable inability of an individual who has XY sex chromosomes to respond to androgens.

Unless there is known or suspected AIS in the family or inguinal testes are detected, these girls typically go undiagnosed until puberty.

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