Sex chat bot for android

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It might work with really little kids – 4 and under – but otherwise it’s really easy for a kid to turn off.S/he can just “toggle it on or off by tapping on the little smiley face at the top right of the screen,” The Guardian reports.This report sounds more plausible and focuses on the work of the same Googler, Nick Fox.

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There have been some folks predicting a bot revolution in which bots replace apps; Google probably wants to be sure not to be left out of such a paradigm shift, even if it seems unlikely to take place.

Another factor here is the failure of Google's messaging services to reach wide adoption.

57 million downloads so far Angela is an “artificial intelligence chatbot” app that has been downloaded 57 million times since its release a little over a year ago, according to CNET.

It was created by award-winning programmers Bruce and Sue Wilcox, whose bots “are the only ones to have qualified for the [World Turing Test] competition’s finals each of the last four years,” CNET adds.

Please see the thorough Guardian article for a few other things to be aware of.

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