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Any contact in person, by phone, letter, email, social media or through a third party is considered a violation of the Restraining Order (there may be some exceptions to this depending on the case). Violations of a Superior Court Restraining Order are considered civil violations, so the defendant must be brought back in to court for contempt of a court order.What if I have a Protective Order from another state?

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What is the criteria for obtaining a District or Family Court Restraining Order? District and Family Court Restraining Orders are granted free of charge.

You must complete the required paperwork, including an affidavit describing the specific ways that the defendant either physically or sexually abused you, threatened to abuse you, or stalked you. If the defendant lives out of state, there may be a fee for service of the order, depending on the state’s policy.

Also, when you are filing for a Restraining Order you can ask that the defendant be vacated from the household, that the defendant relinquish his or her firearms and/or that the court grant you temporary custody of children you have in common with the defendant.

What if there is no formal custody agreement for our children?

You can reach the Sheriff’s Department at (401)275-2900.

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