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There's nothing new about the Internet being a connection tool for geographically disconnected niches.

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There are not many people they can be friends with that are deaf,” he said, particularly if they live outside big cities.

Comfortable with technology The site is run as a second business by Haines, who’s first job is United, a firm that sells assistive technologies to the deaf community.

Then people are like, “Ohhhh, you’re deaf.” I also know I miss out on opportunities just because I’m a person of color, or because I’m openly gay, or both. While it’s a hookup app, it can be used to find potential suitors. C’mon.” You have to understand, I’m a filmmaker, so I am always observing things like this. Do guys treat you differently because of your disability?

It’s very real and, at times, I do feel invisible, which can be frustrating. ” Those are some of the dumbest questions I’ve been asked. This is where my person of color identity comes in first rather than my deafness.

And every day, Haines said, he gets e-mail from happy users who have made new connections thanks to his site.

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