Are ron and hermione dating in real life

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In Knockturn Alley, they recreated the storefront for the tattoo parlor, featuring all of the props from the movie set—including of the tattoos and artwork (which are interactive and glow! Inside Borgin and Bourkes in Knockturn Alley you'll find tons of props from the Potter movies.

The hat rack that you can see in the window of the store in the movies can be found in the shop, and a little sculpture with nails sticking in him was taken from Lupin's Dark Arts classroom in the movies. Inside Wise Acre's you can find two barometers at the top of the shop above the store, which hung in Dumbledore's observatory in the films (and you can see them briefly when Dumbledore was killed in the films.) 10.

actually stop by Gringotts Money Exchange where you can interact with the bank goblins, and exchange your muggle currency ($10 or $20) for Wizarding Bank Notes that you can use to purchase items all over the parks! Inside of Madam Malkin's Robes For All Occasions (where you can buy your very own Hogwarts school uniforms!!

) there's a giant standing mirror which will actually talk to you when you stand in front of it to try things on. She might school you on your fashion sense, or you might get lucky and receive a compliment! You can participate in the "wand choosing a wizard" ceremony at Ollivanders: Makers of Fine Wands shop, where a wizard will choose one lucky person in each group to find the *perfect* wand for them.

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