Black std dating

by  |  29-Mar-2015 11:19

So, the most horrible stories are never told and many of those affected suffer in silence, leaving the next generation to make the same mistakes because no one ever told them any better.

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Instead, it’s to say that the mass incarceration problem in America is one that affects the black community in more ways than one.

When a man has nothing to live for and is living a dangerous life to begin with, he is not always going to take the time to protect the sexual health of women that he’s sleeping with.

Finally, there were those who felt that the data was simply a lie. Another person mentioned that none of her five girlfriends have herpes, so the study can’t be real.

Someone else even felt that the data had to be inaccurate because they hadn’t tested her specifically, meaning that they couldn’t have tested everyone.

They especially don’t want to hear this from a white person.

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