Capriati dating star

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Somewhere between being a child star and a Hall of Famer she seemed to learn never to give up.

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In 1992, Capriati defeated Steffi Graf to win gold at the Olympics.

By 1994, at 18, she was out of the game and in and out of legal trouble -- cited for shoplifting and arrested for marijuana possession.

In 1998, Capriati won her first Grand Slam singles match in five years at Wimbledon.

During the next two years, Capriati slowly returned to championship form, winning her first title in six years in Strasbourg in 1999 and regaining a top-20 ranking.

At the 2001 Australian Open, the reinvigorated Capriati became the lowest seed to ever win the championship when she defeated Martina Hingis in straight sets for her first Grand Slam championship.

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