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The "nice guys" stay with the sweet, cheery girls, where it's safe. They're complex, difficult, unpredictable at times. Can a woman find "true love" (what the hell is that) with anyone other than a "nice guy? Yeah, I can see myself sitting in a rocker at the age of 93, still grinning from the afterglow of an orgasm I experienced 73 years ago. Epilog: I should at least be gracious enough to let her have the last words.

The not-so- nice ones, the curious, the adventuresome, and the restless, look for something different. " I don't know what true love is, if anyone thinks they know, clue us in, please. No, it probably won't be a 50-year marriage with 5 kids and 20 grandkids. But those brief moments may be more fulfilling than years of purported domestic bliss with a fenced-in yard and a fenced-in spouse. Here they are for your amazement and reading pleasure . Favorite Things: If a person with multiple personalities threatens suicide, is that considered a hostage situation?

You may not agree with these definitions, but I'm going to use them for this rant anyway. Why I don't date nice guys: No, it's not because jerks are inherently more interesting. Now, you'd never take me for a Sharon Stone ice-bitch type. And no, a guy doesn't have to be gorgeous for me to find him attractive.

Jerk: Someone who screws you, then unceremoniously dumps you or, while feigning a relationship with you, screws around on you behind your back. I'm certainly capable of being polite and generous to my friends and family, but: I have a caustic, dark sense of humor completely lost on the average nice guy. He just has to have lived and have some sensuality about him.

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