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by  |  29-Apr-2015 22:14

Though, if you follow my advice, you will send significantly less girls running for the hills.

If you are only coming for a week or two, then maybe you only need the one month package. With thousands of young, fit and feminine women who are eager to meet you, what is not to love?

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Well, I don’t know the exact number, but I just did a search for 18-24 year old girls (do they make them any older?

) who logged on within the last week, and the search came back with over 6,000 results (The most results allowed is 1,000, so I searched each age individually from 18-24).

It is the most professionally designed Thai dating website in my opinion.

It also has a lot of useful features to help you search and keep track of the Thai women you fancy.

I don’t use the send videos feature, so that isn’t important to me. If you already live in Thailand, go for the 6 month package.

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