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Pieces marked “Made in England” belong to the 20th century.If you come across a piece of earthenware with a printed mark, it is probably not Wedgwood. This is a date code that appears on all Wedgwood earthenware after 1860, lasting with slight variations into the 1930s.

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Although Josiah was the first prominent pottery maker to endorse each piece with a mark bearing his own name, knowing how to date Wedgwood is still quite tricky.

However, if you know what to look for, you can confidently date Wedgwood. If the letters in the name Wedgwood are uneven in size and shape, then you may be holding a very early piece.

All Belleek marks, with minor exceptions, include symbols which are unmistakably Irish, i.e the Irish Wolfhound with the head turned to face one of Ireland’s distinctive round towers – the model for which is believed to have been Devenish Round Tower on the Lough Erne’s Devenish Island.

The Irish harp and two sprigs of shamrock border the ends of a banner at the base of the design which carries the single word BELLEEK in capital letters.

The years given denote the approximate date of production.

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