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by  |  12-Jan-2015 19:05

It's the end of the year, and we're sure you're all wondering "I wonder what the Idiot's thought of 2016". In this episode we tackle all the major events of 2016.Brexit, Trump, Chewbacca Mum, How to Dad, The All Blacks, Rio 2016, it's all wrapped up into a lovely little bite size podcast.We chat with Harley about being an independant filmmaker and the process of making a feature film on a budget. Things get outta this world as the idiot's take on extra terrestrial beings and UFOs.

This week the Idiot's channel their inner-psychic and discuss the future.

After poo-pooing others attempts at predicting the future, they have a go themselves.

If you're sensitive to swearing, this week is not for you!

This week regularly scheduled podcasts resume as we get into the man behind the fake tan, Donald Trump.

Chris drones on about drones for a while and Dan gets all nostalgic for the gadgets of the past.

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