Consolidating concrete vibration

by  |  27-Jul-2016 00:50

This means that there will be another 150 pounds of pressure for each foot of height of the forms.

consolidating concrete vibration-75consolidating concrete vibration-75

The location of these points will consider the thickness of the concrete and where the points are located with respect to the concrete mass.

This type of vibrator will have a direct vibration effect on the formwork and the concrete, and by doing this they will normally consume more power than other vibrators.

Surface vibrators are located in top of the concrete that is been poured.

They are extraordinary when the concrete is less than 10 inches or in flat slabs.

Research is currently being done to determine if SCC doesn't begin to set up in the forms, which could reduce the required pressure capacity of the forms, but for now, it's always smarter to be conservative.

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