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by  |  16-Dec-2016 19:52

Though there are some specific tools that can help, working with an experienced expert in data consolidation and visualization can rapidly turn an under-performing big data project into a success.At Seabourne, we help non-profits, businesses and government agencies address these very issues every day.

Often, people are reluctant to delete data in case they need it later—or in case they become liable.

And the more useless data there is, the more difficult it becomes to isolate nuggets of information that can offer real, usable insights into your market.

The chart below shows consolidation trends and marekt share of top few vendors in 1994-2006.

When we take into consideration top three OLAP vendors they control ca 64% of market, however five of them control almost 80%.

Having big datasets but not knowing what’s there or how you might use it robs you of the opportunity to gain powerful insights into customer behavior—insights that can help you promote products, adjust offerings, cut costs, avoid risks, and more.

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