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What are some good conversation skills single men can learn?

"How to be mega-confident" "How can I become more desirable? if you want to learn how to make your partner CRAVE you...

" "How to conquer the Fear of Rejection" "How to Approach" "How to get hotter sex" "How to read the secrets of body language to know if someone REALLY likes you" "How to keep a person loyal to you" "How to tell a story so it increases attraction to you" "4 Great Places to Meet your next Girlfriend/Boyfriend" "How to Get over your Ex. if you want to know how to have your CHOICE of worthy partners...

So I’d either be trying to steer the conversation as deep as possible or if it’s on the surface, it’s going to have sexual tension backing it up.

Or I’m going to be trying to make her laugh, tease her or misinterpret and do things that mix it up in that way. I think potentially you can snap your fingers in front of her face and say, “I’m still here.”If you did that and you’re laughing, a confident laugh like this is a funny situation, and found her eye contact and brought it back, I think you might be able to snap her out of it if she is genuinely just distracted.

You’ve got to do it laughing, that’s your best shot at it. If you have to ask a boring interview question to break the silence before it gets too awkward, do it.

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