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You've read all the screenwriting books (especially mine The Screenwriter Within), gone to the important seminars, studied, analyzed and deconstructed films, read the key biographies and autobiographies of screenwriters (Adventures In The Screen Trade, The Devil's Guide To Hollywood, Bambi Vs Godzilla to name a few) and subscribed to the best screenwriting magazines.There's only one problem: you are incapable of writing a funny line of dialogue.

And if you keep the laughs coming for the next ten and the rest of the first Act you can feel pretty confident she'll finish the rest of the script--provided you have a compelling story.

Many comedies falter because of a flimsy or dimwitted plot.

If you have a 103-page script with lots of laughs but a mediocre story, well, it's a lot harder to punch up a plot.

Let's say you're a serious, reliable screenwriter with a clear understanding of not only the 3-Act Structure, but 5-Act and 7-Act structures, as well.

Having performed in over 500 shows in the last five years, written and hosted a show on Comedy Central that completed one season and having released four comedy specials online along with India’s first sci-fi comedy web series, Kenneth is well on his way to change the face of comedy in India.

Dating rules comedy central

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