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Freddie groaned and straightened, clutching his forehead. ” Julia brought her hand up to her temple, but the sudden movement and the blow caused her to teeter backwards.

Her arms flailed wildly right before she lost her balance and landed on her butt in the grass.

“The best way to grow a business is through word of mouth. “I’ve been in business for myself about ten years.” He refocused on the task.

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There’s something about a woman who jogs (maybe that’s because I didn’t see many girls exercise or engage in athletics when I was younger) that's both incredibly sexy and incredibly motivating.6.

A Form-Fitting Dress I love a dress that shows off a woman's curves.

I don’t think women should lower their standards, but we have to be careful that we don’t overlook exactly what we’re searching for because it doesn’t come in the package we expected.

In , Julia Newman finds herself attracted to a blue collar man—Freddie Mendoza, the construction worker who’s finishing her basement. Dad said you normally come by during the day to check on your workers.” Freddie nodded.

Women are now looking past expensive suits and what a man does for a living to find happiness with blue collar men.

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