Fear in dating

by  |  09-Aug-2016 19:53

Mind it, this exercise is very important in order to avoid future phobia of dating.

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For instance, your first date might have been harmful to you in some way.

In your unconscious mind, you frame a mental code associated with the notion that the very concept of dating is deceptive and you need to steer clear from it. Try to be interesting and develop interest in your partner.

Online dating is what you make of it, so don't be afraid to start at your leisure and go your own speed.

When you feel shaky or phobic about various aspects of dating or rejection by your prospective partner, why not have a face-to-face chat with your partner.

No one will be able to send you messages unless you've both liked each other, so you won't have to bare too many hurt feelings by not responding to messages!

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