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Would you ever visualize the man in a tux and the woman in her sweats?First impressions, be they of a person or place, stay in our memory much longer than anything else.Keeping your outfit clean and simple will enhance your features and boost your confidence, getting people to notice you.


Every Speaker wants to draw as large an audience as possible, and I'm no exception. Still, a few years back when I approached a room in which I was scheduled to speak, I was surprised by the overflow crowd-there were at least as many people in the hallway as there were in the room.

I started by asking the audience why they were there.

After the first meeting, they decided it would be helpful to practice at home for a week before meeting again.

The following Friday, each of them would role-play meeting three different men for the first time.

Even if you aren’t the most attractive person in the world, you can make yourself look 10 times more attractive and appealing simply by the way you dress.”"Remember, a little goes a long way.

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