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If you’re with a guy who knows his way around all things DIY, he’d probably also clue you in on the best type of paint or glue or wood to use for the projects you want. It’s not that you shouldn’t trust handymen for hire.It’s just that sometimes, it can be uncomfortable to have a stranger working on things in your house. Just because the guy you’re with may not be able to pull rabbits out of a magic hat, doesn’t mean he can’t do other things just as amazing.

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And the human factor will play a role in fixing you up with your next significant other, but one that already loves Pokemon Go.

I can only wonder whether Pokemon Go will manage to get somehow between people who got together using Poke Dates.

Sometimes, you may even find that his clothes and even his hands are stained with whatever liquids he’s been working with. Unfortunately for you, you’ll become the tracker of his tools. Just like the friends and acquaintances you know who are always asking to borrow tools and what not, you’ll get even more people asking for help.

This can’t be avoided, but be thankful if you happen to find a man who’s as meticulous with cleanliness as he is with his projects. Believe it or not, there are more people out there who really don’t know how to hammer a nail, or hang a photo, or build a shelf, and they will rely on your man instead of hiring someone.

[Read: 10 hints guys give when they want some space] #3 Leaves a mess. The problem is, you may notice that you or your guy will always get calls from friends who are borrowing some obscure tool.

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