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They praised its aesthetics, noting that the Galaxy Nexus combined design elements of the Nexus S and Galaxy S II. Raphael of Computerworld, stated "The Galaxy Nexus [...] is an exceptional phone, arguably the finest Android handset to date", saying it is "sleek and attractive, with a thin, light body and a beautiful HD display".They also praised its software, as the "experience is just that much better", declaring the phone as "the first best Android device ever." Vincent Nguyen, from Slash Gear noted the fast performance of Android 4.0.1, the tight integration between the operating system and the hardware and concluded that "this is the best Android phone around today". Raphael ended the review writing that the Galaxy Nexus is "screamingly fast [...] delivering what may be the best overall performance of any mobile device available".Sprint officially announced the Galaxy Nexus for their network at CES 2012, and was released on 22 April 2012, as one of Sprint Nextel's first LTE smartphones. All of the Samsung accessories feature a micro USB port so the phone can be charged while it is being used.

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Towards the end of December, however, not all phones had received the update.

On 19 March 2013 Verizon Wireless began updating OTA their CDMA Galaxy Nexus Mysid/Toro variant to Android 4.2.2.

Care must be taken when using aftermarket batteries to be sure it has near field communication ability, since the NFC antenna is located in the battery.

In some countries, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is sold SIM-unlocked. The ruling was based primarily on a patent which is defined as a "universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system".

Anyway im happy that this time around samsung did it before nokia. Might wait for Noka to step up and show us the way like they did with the N95.

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