Is juanita bynum dating stacey woods

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Come through Octavia Spencer as "papa" in "The Shack" the movie.

Octavia Spencer is to play God in the upcoming movie The Shack and it's not setting to well with some white Evangelical/Protestants.

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I ask that question when I heard of gospel singer Dwayne Woods and his testimony of how God healed him of HIV about 2 years ago and my initial thought was disbelief.

The reason for the disbelief is that if you're going to continue in the same life style why would you think God would offer healing to unclean living?

It's not everyday that you hear of someone who tested positive come out and tell you that through prayer and faith the virus had been completely wiped out of their system. Woods also did not denounce that his lifestyle is in conflict with God's word.

I am not questioning his salvation because who can say what's in a man's heart other than the creator of that man.

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