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Back in the days before Tinder, the folk of Richmond in Outback Queensland had to get creative when they wanted to find a date.

If there was an app available in 1982, it would have showed the closest potential beau was a mere 400 kilometres away. well, yeah, you can still have your beer and Bundy Rum.

Consequently it is apparent that most of the copper deposits are found in areas where biotite Ar-Ar ages indicate the rocks had cooled sufficiently to behave brittley at around 1530 Ma.

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“It’s not really about looking for spouses,” she says.

“It’s just a great community event.” “We get 18 to 80-year-olds coming to party and it’s so nice to see everyone all dressed up!

” After nine years of holding the annual event during the ‘80s, and with everyone then married off, the club put the decorations back on the shelf.

It wasn’t until 2006 when some local kids unearthed a box full of classic ‘80s photos that the ball received a right swipe back to life.

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