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That means no new features or updates to Asha, S40 or Nokia X Android phones or app-development programs for those phones as they are phased out over the next 18 months.The Mix Radio decision isn't too surprising given Microsoft has a substantial investment in its own music service, Xbox Music.If you are getting error do a factory reset on your Nokia asha…then open your browser and update the new Nokia xpress. [/alert] [alert type=”green”]Now i believe no body will get any error again while installing Whatsapp on their Nokia Asha 200 or any other Nokia with double SIM card.

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("Some production" will continue in Beijing and Dongguan, Elop noted.) On the engineering side, high-end phone work will be concentrated in Salo, Finland.

Tampere, Finland will be the home for "more affordable devices." Engineering work in Oulu, Finland will be ramping down, Elop noted (and was expected earlier this week, following a Finnish daily's report claiming .) "While we plan to reduce the engineering in Beijing and San Diego, both sites will continue to have supporting roles, including affordable devices in Beijing and supporting specific US requirements in San Diego.

This tutorial will guide you to install Whatsapp messenger on your non-supported java phones like the Nokia Asha 200, Asha 205 and any other non-supported java phones. Now go to the whatsapp application in your phone, click the option button and click update version, let it update then you can open the application…follow all instructions and be patient, when it is finally opening, you will get Update: for those asking how to get the unzipped version download this two files here and here , copy them to a folder on your memory card, then rename them like this Whats App_jar will now be Whats then Whats App_jad will be Whats after this follow the steps from 4. and it will surely work, You can now watch the video tutorial i made on Youtube, click the above video and watch the part 1 and 2.

Please take note you need to free up your internal memory before proceeding, at least have more than 4MB free and very important to have two SIM card in the phone while installing it and setting it up so you dont have 2. [/alert] [alert type=”red”] A suggestion for people in india who are getting error on updating favorites should follow this steps: Step 1 : You need to get a Nokia phone that has whatsapp messenger working on it already.

During the call, Viber spends approx 500 KB per minute (250 up and 250 down), so assuming you buy a data bundle of 10 MB for US $1, you can get 20 mins of talk time depending on the data connection quality.

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