Outlook hangs on updating inbox

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The meaning is a user mailbox that did not experience synchronization problems, until now or user who complains about the synchronization problem from time to time.In this scenario, we will need to find additional “factors” that can cause the synchronization problems such as local plugins or add-on that installed on the user desktop, anti-virus application, local hardware, etc.When we use the Outlook default: cache mode, the “Outlook mail profile” serve as a “container” for: There are a couple of “factor” that can damage the Outlook OST file such as Antivirus, bad sector on the local hard disk and “unknown” factors.

(This mail folder probably includes the “problematic” mail items that stop the synchronization process).

When we are delaying with “Large Mailbox”, we will need to consider an additional solution such as a Mailbox archive (that we will discuss later).

The “cause” of synchronization issues can classify by using the following categories: A. The symptoms of synchronization problems relating to communication line could be: This part is a little bit tricky Q – How can we identify corrupted mail items that cause synchronization problems?

A – There is no simple method to locate corrupted mail items.

Each time we open Outlook, the synchronization process start and stop in the middle, for some reason, we cannot figure. The less good news is that there are many grounds for this issue, and there is no “magic” solution that will help us to solve the synchronization problem in “one click.”In this article, we review the cases and the troubleshooting steps for mitigating optional causes for Outlook synchronization problems in Office 365 environment and review the specific charters of Outlook and Exchange Online environment.

Outlook hangs on updating inbox

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