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'There's no gender discrimination in the courts,' says Elizabeth Hicks, partner and head of family law at solicitors Irwin Mitchell.

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For years men who have fulfilled the traditional role of breadwinner have lost out when it comes to winning custody of their children - regardless of their income.

Now women have asserted their right to enjoy similarly challenging careers, the question of whether they have the right to complain when they lose custody is a pertinent one.

A couple may decide it's more beneficial for a woman to work and a man to stay at home with the children.' But there are consequences to this set-up.

'If that's how they have chosen to arrange their lives, why would it be fair that if they split up, the mother should get custody just because she is a woman? 'If the husband is the main carer during the marriage and it breaks down, it is likely that the court will seek to preserve that arrangement.

Like millions of women of her generation, Karen Martin dared to believe that women really could have it all.

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