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Two German speaking Frenchmen with the last name of Monjou became the leaders of two of the groups.The older, Otto de Monjou, became the leader of a Catholic group which settled along the Volga, north of Saratov.

The younger Monjou established a colony of Lutherans further south.

Both villages were named Monjou, which caused confusion and resulted in the Russian civil authorities to name the northern colony Obermonjou and the southern colony Neidermonjou.

The sisters moved out of the old convent on October 28, 1929, and temporarily moved into the home of Joseph B. The following day, the old convent was torn down and construction began on the new home for the Sisters of St. During the 38 years this building was used as the convent, there were 40 different nuns that called it home. When USD 489 decided to staff and operate the school as their own elementary school, the nuns discontinued their teaching arrangement, and in May 1967 vacated the convent.

This building was then used as a home for the priests.

Peter Leiker, from Obermonjou, was one of the five men in the scouting party that came to America in 1874 to find a suitable location to establish new German villages in Kansas or Nebraska.

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