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Our products vary in size from small parts and accessories to large appliances.

Sometimes life doesn’t wait until you’ve had the chance to save. Free delivery within 5 days to the Highlands of Scotland. Have only just lit small fires to commision the fire, but if the heat from this is anything to go by, then roll on winter. I bought a multifuel stove because I will burn wood most of the time, but add coal overnight when very cold.

So, rather than settling for a stove you can afford to pay for up front, why not spread the cost and start saving on your energy bills straightaway? * Finance is available on any basket purchase over £350 with just a 10% deposit and receive 1 YEAR INTEREST FREE at 0% APR. Great stove, delivered free within 3 working days to the Highlands! I've just purchased this one on the strength of the impressive performance of one of the same model, which I installed in a holiday home in the Lake District, two years ago, which is still giving good service, despite the abuse it receives from renters who've never encountered a living flame! However the bars in the grate are quite wide apart so does not allow for good build-up of ash which the wood needs to stay alight without the need to constantly add small wood to keep the logs alight.

That’s why we feel it’s important that you don’t sell yourself short at this stage.

Remember, your stove will be taking price of place in your property, so it makes sense to get the one you really want. Really over the moon with this fire and the service and delivery was second to none.

Mazona Olympus 8k W Multi Fuel Stove JA010 FIREGLOW10 Serious warmth, serious savings The Mazona Olympus stove will make a huge difference to the temperature in your home.

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