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I took their first day trip to Riga and I'm so glad I chose that option instead of the normal 5 hour bus.The Estonian and Latvian countryside is so beautiful and I would have missed it all, since this trip follows an alternative road to Riga. I was lucky enough to experience a personal tour, during the winter season with three guides, as they were creating a new tour to bring in for the summer season.She did not only talk but also actively dial with us when we had questions or remarks. This was my 8th visit to Tallinn and although I don’t usually go on organised trips we came across Tallinn Traveller Info by chance and signed up for the Paldiski tour.

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After a few days we had to admit that it is quite difficult, if not impossible, to get to Lahemaa national park without a private vehicle. Mart was our guide and showed up in a very good mood in the morning to pick us up.

He was very friendly the whole day, brought us to beautiful places and told us a lot about Estonia.

I’m planning my next visit Tallinn in the spring of 2012 and hope to go on the Lahemaa National Park trip. Kalev, our guide (and owner of the company), drove us around the whole day.

He was willing to answer all our (stupid) questions and told us everything we wanted to know about Estonia en the sights we were visiting.

We felt like having a local friend showing us the best places of Lahemaa.

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