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A 2015 study published in the journal of Psychology in Schools found no sex differences on standardized testing of achievement except a small persistent female advantage in reading and large female advantage in writing among a nationally representative sample of 1,574 6-21 year old participants.

Among the researchers who conducted studies on intelligence, many point that there are no sex differences in g (Jensen 1998, Colom, Garcia, Juan-Esponiza & Abad 2000, Colom, Garcia, Juan-Esponiza & Abad 2002, Camarata and Woodcock 2006), some found a difference favoring males (Lynn 1999, Lynn Irwing 2004, 2008) and some found a difference favoring females (Keith, Reynolds, Patel & Ridley 2006 and Reynolds, Keith, Ridley, Patel 2006).

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During the early twentieth century, the scientific consensus shifted to the view that gender plays no role in intelligence.

In his 1916 study of children's IQs, psychologist Lewis Terman concluded that "the intelligence of girls, at least up to 14 years, does not differ materially from that of boys".

At one time it was overwhelming consensus that there were no sex differences in g factor or general intelligence.

However, researcher Richard Lynn challenged this consensus on two arguments: that (1) males have bigger brain size in proportion to their body, and that (2) there are little or no sex differences up until the age of 16 because males have slower developmental maturation.

Another study by researcher Jianghong Liu also found 3 points higher male scores on the WISC which is the children version of the WAIS III.

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