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Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Wolff, who exclusively reveals the actor is not dating Benson.

We previously corrected a false rumor that linked Wolff to Selena Gomez after pictures emerged of the two kissing.

But none of these things stopped us from shipping them hard at the MTV Movie Awards (which was basically a two-hour ode to John Green and the magical books and movies he has created).

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There's new reasons to think they might be doing just that!

According to a story Nat and Ashley were spotted holding hands while they were both at New York City Comic Con.

SORRY but we spent all the budget on biscuits and tea so we can't afford the actual photos in question, but if we were gonna paint you a picture of them with our words, it'd go something a bit like this.

Surrounded by moody orange lighting, Ashley and Nat can be seen clearly holding hands and loving life while strolling down a street in the evening together.

The beyond-adorable besties have been making the rounds promoting the John Green flick before it hits theaters July 24th, and just as they finished the European leg of their press tour, Nat revealed that he could never get tired of traveling with Cara.

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