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Michael Phelps destroys Chad le Clos, then internet piles on “He lied to all these women,” she wrote.“This wasn't a dark period after retirement, this was his life always.” Though Chandler wrote that she was with Phelps during his 2014 DUI, the Olympian has never actually acknowledged that the two ever dated.

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Michael Phelps, 29, who is expected to leave rehab this week, already has new drama to deal with: his alleged girlfriend, Taylor Lianne Chandler, was born a man. Michael Phelps, who entered a rehab program to get help after being arrested for his second DUI on Sept. His girlfriend, Taylor Lianne Chandler, was born a man according, to her Facebook bio. No one can say they knew me as a man or produce a photo of me as a man,” adds Taylor in her Facebook post. Taylor also took to Facebook to post a loving message and picture of Michael and a bulldog, with the caption printed, ‘Come Visit Us.’ She also writes, “My 6’4 Body Heater is coming home. ” Prior to his stint in rehab, the he 22-time Olympic medalist revealed on Oct.

Taylor, 41, revealed that she is ‘intersex’ and was originally named David Roy Fitch.

"I'm here for one reason and one reason only," Phelps told E! "Nicole." She graduated from the University of Southern California in 2007 with a degree in communications, with a concentration in sports and entertainment.

After that, here are just a few highlights from her Linked In profile: As Miss California USA, she helped double the number of competitors from 2010 to 2011 and even recruited Miss California USA 2011, who went on to win the entire Miss USA pageant.

On Taylor’s Facebook profile her bio reads, “Taylor Lianne Chandler’s life changed on September 30 when her relationship with Michael Phelps, was made public.” Taylor, who says she met Michael through the dating app, Tinder, had corrective surgery to remove her male genitalia in her twenties. Regardless of the whether their relationship will sink or stay afloat, Taylor continues to share steamy details about their relationship with the media while also vocalizing her love and support for for the legendary athlete. It was the first time in my life that someone has made me feel like a true woman,” reports Radar Online. 5 via Twitter that he was going to take some time away from swimming to focus on himself and to learn from his experiences.

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